Hartsell earns Cue Ball Victory

The NW Women's Pool Association kicked off their 2005 season at The Cue Ball in Salem Oregon without one of their familar faces. With Hsin Huang not in attendance, the field was wide open for someone new to step into the winners circle.

On Saturday, that player looked like it would be Deby Welfringer. Coming off her first WPBA Classic Tour appearance, Welfringer was cutting through the winners side. That run came to an end on Sunday when Martha Hartsell handed Welfringer a 9-6 loss in the match for the hot-seat.

That loss might have taken the wind out of Welfringer's sails as she then lost to Mary Hopkin 7-2 on the one-loss side. Hopkin has lost her second match of the day on Saturday, but came back through the one-loss side to earn her spot in the finals against Hartsell.

Hartsell knew she would have her hands full in the finals and she played a great match to assure the win. Hopkin took advantage of any chance she got, but those chances were few and far between as Hartsell posted a 9-5 win.

Hartsell pocketed $325 for first, while Hopkin settled for $200. Welfringer and Linda Carter filled out the top four spots. AzBilliards columnist Kerry Impson tied with Julie Valdez for 5th place.

The NWPA Tour will be at McQs in Spokane, WA on July 16th-17th for a WPBA qualifier.

Complete Results:
1st Martha Hartsell $325
2nd Mary Hopkin $200
3rd Deby Welfringer $130
4th Linda Carter $70
5th Kerry Impson, Julie Valdez $45