Hatch remains ahead in Action Challenge Match

Darren Appleton

Day 2 of the Dennis Hatch - Darren Appleton match began at 5 pm Tuesday afternoon and the fans gathered around the pit to pull for their favorite player.

Hatch continued day 2 playing strong throughout the entire set. Appleton however,  still had problems making a ball on the break.

Appleton was able to keep himself in the game but struggled  at times. Even Appleton's hometown crowd were perplexed over his performance. Darren is known for his perfect technique back home and his fans and friends were amazed by his play on day 2. 

Appleton did keep the match within 7 or 8 games never getting closer than a 5 game difference. Hatch ended day 2 with a 70-63 lead.

Fans interested in catching the final day of play can go to www.theactionreport.com