Hawaiian Brian Wins Open Tournament

Jordan Beers, Hawaiian Brian Hashimoto and Dean Kipi

Hawaiian Brian's Billiards was the scene of a $1,000.00 Guaranteed 1st Place Open Tournament. Thirty-two players entered the contest in the race-to-seven, double elimination, two day tournament.

The young guns of Hawaii were primed to strut their stuff, with some of the best in Hawaii entered. “Hawaiian Brian” Hashimoto also entered the fray. In his heyday, he played many of the top players in the country and was known as a “money player” with a fearsome break, powerful stroke and a lot of “heart” in money matches. Hobbling arthritis has seriously diminished most of those advantages, but not his knowledge of the game or his “heart” in competition. The close of the first day's matches found him still on the winners' side of the chart.

As the second day of matches wound to a close, Hawaiian Brian sat unbeaten atop the winners' bracket, along the way beating Glen “Aku” Sailola, the last tournament's champion. Commented “Aku”, “Brian can't break the balls or draw the ball like he used to, can't even make a closed bridge. But his knowledge of the game is so valuable in getting the right angles for position or playing a safety when he needs to. Even with all his limitations, he can still play. You really can't make any mistakes against Brian, because he'll make you pay.”

The championship final pitted Dean Kipi, who played solidly against some of the best players in Hawaii to reach the finals, against the old veteran, “Hawaiian Brian”. In the race-to-seven finals, “Hawaiian” Brian showed why he is such a respected opponent. Probably because of a little nerves and being in the finals, Dean Kipi missed a couple of shots and Hawaiian Brian took full advantage, executing some masterful safeties along the way to winning the match 7 to 2.

The tournament was a true testament to Hawaiian Brian's “heart” and competitive spirit even with debilitating arthritis. Congratulations to our champion, “Hawaiian Brian”!

Tournament Prize Money Breakdown 1st Place: $1,000 Hawaiian Brian Hashimoto
2nd Place: $500 Dean Kipi
3rd Place: $300 Danny Kukonu
4th Place: $200 Jordan Beers
Tied 5th: $100 ea. Glen “Aku” Sailola, Mark Lee
Tied 7th: $60 ea. Herb Cueno, Duy Ho