Heather Lloyd Scores First Hunter Tour Win

Heather Lloyd

Kevin and Gary Welling of G-Cue Billiards in Round Rock, Texas were exceptional hosts to the Hunter Classics Amateur Women's Tour's sixth stop of the 2006 season the weekend of July 15-16. At the last minute, Gary and Kevin stepped in and hosted the event when the previous location had to cancel. Thank you, Gary and Kevin!

Forty-five ladies came to compete in the tournament for the top first place prize of $750 and also the WPBA Qualifier for a WPBA 2007 event. On the beautiful fourteen 9-foot Brunswick tables, the ladies were out to battle and battle they did. In the end, Heather Lloyd from Austin captured the title and the WPBA Qualifier. Heather exclaimed after the tournament, "I can't believe I won!" She was extremely happy as she hugged her husband, brother-in-law, and close friends. Being from Austin, there were a lot of friends watching and she said, "I have so much support from my husband and friends and it was nice to win a Hunter Classics Tour event in front of them."

On Sunday morning, the winner's side matches resulted with Cristina De La Garza defeating Deanna Henson hill-hill (both from Austin) while Jennifer Kraber from Austin lost 7-4 to San Antonio's Sophie Lopez. Sophie and Cristina then played the all important hot seat match and Sophie came out the winner 7-4.

9th-12th place finishers were Deedra Trammell (her highest Hunter tour finish ever), Sharon O'Hanlon, Melinda Hinojosa and Belinda Lee all who earned $80. 7th/8th places were filled by Leslie Anne Rogers and Kyu Yi who both earned $105, while 5th/6th places were filled by Jennifer Kraber and Deanna Henson who earned $150. Exceptional play was performed by everyone.

Each of the top 4 finishers of this tournament marked their highest finish to date on a Hunter Classics Tour event: Terry Petrosino from Houston placed 4th and earned $225. Cristina De La Garza placed 3rd and earned $370 for her outstanding play. Sharp shooter and tough opponent Sophie Lopez placed 2nd and earned $550. Sophie has been having an awesome year by winning the 2006 BCA & ACS Texas Women's Singles championship and placing 3rd at the BCA Women's Open Singles in Las Vegas. Sophie defeated Sherri A. Smith (7-4), Catherine Naes (7-4), Kawania Watson (7-2), Deedra Trammell (7-1), Jennifer Kraber (7-4) and Cristina De La Garza (7-4) before meeting up with Heather in the finals.

Even eventual winner Heather Lloyd placed her highest finish yet. Heather started off with a bye, but lost her first match to Deanna Henson (2-7). That loss didn't deter Heather as she was on a mission and surged through the one-loss side, defeating Nancy French (7-2), Snowy Belt (7-4), Melinda Hinojosa (7-4), Leslie Anne Rogers (7-4), Jennifer Kraber (7-5), Terry Petrosino (7-3), and Cristina De La Garza (7-2) to meet Sophie Lopez in the finals.

Heather would need to defeat Sophie two sets to win the tournament and the first place prize and the WBPA Qualifier which were both on the line. Tied at 3-3 in the first set, it looked like either player would win it, but Heather pulled ahead 7-5 to claim the first set. The second set wasn't as close and at 6-1, Sophie didn't give up and nailed a tough cut on the 9-ball to gain another game at 6-2. In the next game, Heather had a tricky 7, 8, and 9-ball left. Heather studied the thin shot on the 7-ball for a long time; maybe longer than any shot all weekend. She had a very small window to just miss the 8-ball to get the 7-ball into the corner pocket, but once she committed to the shot, she made it look easy and nailed it. She then shot the 8-ball and 9-ball in the same corner pocket and won the second set 7-2! After a long run on the Hunter Classics tour, Heather won her very first tournament on the tour.

Heather exclaimed the next day from her cell phone, "I still can't believe it; I'm so excited." Heather added, "I pay the WPBA Qualifier fee just in case and this time it worked out." Heather has been working on relaxation techniques and focusing on a positive attitude. "I struggled all day on Saturday and I usually get exhausted on the Sundays of my tournaments, but this time I remained calm and positive and focused on playing one ball at a time. It was great and very exciting" said Heather.

View numerous photos from this event and also the updated point standings. Or read more information about the tournament and even watch a video of the drawing for the Hunter Classics Custom Cue which was won by a regular Hunter Classics Tour player, Melissa Khuong.

A BIG, BIG thank you to Wes Hunter who has been sponsoring the Hunter Classics Tour for 13 years now! Thank you also to G-Cue Billiards, Royce Bunnell of the OB-1 Cue Shaft and all the ladies who came to compete! Visit us next month at Legend's Billiards in League City, TX August 19-20!

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Main Event, complete payouts, 45 ladies:
1st $750 Heather Lloyd, plus WPBA Qualifier
2nd $550 Sophie Lopez
3rd $370 Cristina De La Garza
4th $225 Terry Petrosino
5th/6th $150 Deanna Henson and Jennifer Kraber
7th/8th $105 Kyu Yi and Leslie Anne Rogers
9th-12th $80 Melinda Hinojosa, Belinda Lee, Sharon O'Hanlon, and Deedra Trammell
13th-16th $50 Tara McCracken, Sherri L. Smith, Kim Pierce, and Snowy Belt.
17th-24th $25 Michelle Ram, Monica Anderson, Nico Adams, Jillian Valles, Melissa Khoung, Annie Doyle, Marie Sosa, and Kawania Watson.

Second Chance Tournament, complete payouts, 25 ladies:
1st $125 Tara McCracken
2nd $90 Kim Pierce
3rd $60 Jillian Valles
4th $45 Annie Doyle
5th/6th $20 Kathy Knuth and Michelle Ram