Hemmah and Jung lead Pechauer Pack

Dave Hemmah

Dave Hemmah and Marshall Jung are forging their way through a star-studded field at the West Coast Pechauer Tour's Pokertropolis stop this weekend at the California Billiard Club in Mountainview. Jung had a nice win over Billy Palmer early Saturday afternoon while Hemmah survived a hill-hill thriller against Bobby Hunter.

Over in the loser's bracket Billy Palmer wreaked havoc on Rafael Martinez, dismissing him with no piece of the nearly $9000 purse. Danny Medina, George Michaels, and Max Eberle are all in the one-loss bracket and will be back Sunday afternoon to grind through the do-or-die side!

Legendary one pocket player and road hustler Ronnie Allen was ejected from the tournament for unsportsmanlike conduct and had to forfeit both his winner's side and loser's bracket matches.

The Pechauer Tour will be hosting 5 other Pokertropolis stops this year, the next of which is in LA at Hard Times Billiards on April 3rd and 4th. Any player who signs up to be a Pokertropolis member at www.pokertropolis.com/pool will automatically be eligible for the $500 highest finishing Pokertropolis member bonus. Each Pechauer Tour Pokertropolis stop is $4000 added guaranteed. We hope to see you there!

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe