Hernandez Masters NYC Tour Stop 3

Frankie Hernandez

The N.Y.C. Billiards Tour's 3rd event was held at Master Billiards Dec 18th-19th. 40 players showed for the $1500 added event.

The crowd witnessed great play all weekend from Joe Korsiak and Ed Vasquez. Korsiak won the winners side and Ed Vasquez sent Frankie Hernandez to the loser's side. Frankie went on to win the loser's side and then beat Joe Korsiak 13-9 in the one set race to 13 finals.

Complete Results:
1st Frankie Hernandez $1200
2nd Joe Korsiak $750
3rd Ed Vasquez $400
4th Holden Chin $250
5th/6th Tony Ruberto, Dan Barouty $170
7th/8th Brian Yi, Billy Lanna $110
9th/12th Jarrod Clowery, Tom Walter, Jonathan Smith, Wali Mohammad $60