Hernandez wins Illinois Chalk Talk Tour Stop at Cue Time

Ike Runnels and Gil Hernandez

On Saturday, January 25, 2003, Cue Time in Lyons, Illinois hosted a Chalk Talk Tour Stop. A nice turnout of 29 players were in attendance. The big rack has been slowly growing. During this event, 10 players took their shot at running all 15 balls, however, only 4 players were able to make a little bit of extra money; Tony Chaker, Rick Kryfka, and Robert Plouzek won $5 by making a ball on the break. Unfortunately, they were all snookered for the next ball and bought out. Ike Runnels was able to make two balls and won $10. Laura Bendikas was the only woman who participated which won her the women's side pot. Players from Illinois and Wisconsin participated in this event that was directed by Susie Levinberg.

The 4th place went to Chris Patterson. His matches were as follows: 7-6 Paul Navarette, 7-4 Rick Coleman, 7-6 Tony Chaker, 3-7 Gil Hernandez, 7-4 Henry Brodt, 3-7 Ike Runnels.

The 3rd place was won by Lance Mayer. His matches were as follows: 7-1 Sam DeChristopher, 7-5 Laura Bendikas, 7-3 Luis Colon, 7-5 Neal Jacobs, 3-7 Gil Hernandez, 2-7 Ike Runnels.

The 2nd place player was Ike Runnels who made a nice run for the money by fighting his way through the loser's bracket after losing his first match. His matches were as follows: 4-7 Lanny Charles, 7-2 Louis Oseil, 7-4 Laura Bendikas, 7-3 Paul Navarette, 7-2 Chris Gunnell, 7-6 Tony Chaker, 7-6 Neal Jacobs, 7-3 Chris Patterson, 7-2 Lance Mayer, 4-7 Gil Hernandez.

The 1st place winner went undefeated for 6 straight rounds to take the title of Champion of the Cue Time Stop. Gil Hernandez managed to be on a roll. His matches were as follows: 7-1 Ed Flatt, 7-5 Henry Brodt, 7-1 Chris Gunnell, 7-3 Chris Patterson, 7-3 Lance Mayer, 7-4 Ike Runnels.

1st Gil Hernandez *$840
2nd Ike Runnels *$400
3rd Lance Mayer *$250
4th Chris Patterson $100
5th Henry Brodt $40
5th Neal Jacobs $40
*Payout includes player's auction