Heroes Hearts Charity Pro Event Announced

Jarrod Clowery. Photo by Boston.com

Join us for the First Annual Heroes Hearts Open Pool Tournament at Jillian’s of Boston on April 1 at 6 PM.

Pair up with the best player you know and take on the field to try and win the grand prize of $2,000. You will be challenging some of the world’s best players so make sure and bring your ‘A’ game.

What a night we have planned for you! There will be a trick shot exhibition performed by a group of the best Artistic Players the world has to offer. And if you carve a little activity off the table there will also be six bowling lanes available for those who would like to have a game of pins.

As the first event of The Heroes Hearts Foundation, this event aims to raise money to kick-start the foundation to fulfill our mission of creating a new anti-bullying approach by educating and inspiring young people to always treat others with dignity and respect.

Your Registration may be done by visiting www.heroeshearts.org. The rates are $100 for an Individual Registration, $200 for a Team Registration and only $25 for General Admission. This event will be Co-Hosted by MTV personality Emilee Fitzpatrick and Boston TV Host Brian Malone.

The event will be streamed live by AZBTV at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/AZBtv

About the Heroes Hearts Foundation: Heroes Heart Foundation is committed to Bringing out the hero in everyone - those who through selfless acts of kindness towards others remind us of the goodness displayed after the Boston Marathon Bombings on April 15, 2013. The Foundation seeks to raise awareness about the common qualities and characteristics of everyday heroes and educate and inspire young people to always treat others with dignity and respect.

Editors Note: The Heroes Heart Foundation was established by popular pool player Jarrod Clowery after his experience when he was severely wounded during the Boston Marathon Bombing. The photo above shows Jarrod crossing the finish line many weeks after the ordeal which resulted in his long hospital stay and continuing rehabilitation.