Hillbilly Does It Again In Houston

David “G” Gutierrez And Charlie Bryant

Seventy six players arrived in Houston on March 12-14 to duke it out in the third stop of the Fast Eddie's 9 Ball Tour 2004 season. The battle lines were drawn early with everyone looking for their first victim.

Top picks were the Tour regulars , Jeremy Jones (current US Open 9 Ball Champion), Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant, Cliff Joyner (2004 US Bar Table 8 & 9 Ball Champion), David “G” Gutierrez, Edgar Acaba of the Phillippines, Al Mason, David Henson and Eugene Browning.

Finishing in the 9-12th places in the Open Division were WPBA Pro Kim White (WOW, has this lady's game improved!), James Davis Jr., Travis Stamper and Cliff Joyner. The 7-8th slots were filled by David Henson and Shane Harvey. Fine performances by all.

New comer to the Tour, Taiwan's Chin Lee, opened some eyes with a great finish along with Al Mason jumping into the 5-6th placements. Chin is a fine gentleman and a great sport even though the only English he knows is what he puts on the cue ball. Through sign language, calling his interpreter long distance and a big smile, he survived the weekend in great shape.

Tough and tenacious Robert Newkirk of Ft. Worth took the scenic route to fourth place after a first round loss to Jeff McIntire. Robert went to work in the brutal bracket with victories over Tom Harman, Bill Fuller, Corby Nichols, Justin Wade, Edgar Acaba, James Davis Jr., David Henson and Chin Lee. It wore me out writing his name so many times on the board. Great shooting, Robert!

Again, Jeremy Jones showed the class a true champion is made of on his venture to the third place position. Jeremy had triumphs over Ron Felder, Schonn Ballew, Ted Dean, David Henson, and Al Mason. He was sent to the one loss side by Charlie Bryant in the finals of the winner's bracket, 9-4. In the finals of the one loss side, Jeremy was derailed by a very determined David “G”.

David “G” Guterriez of Houston with his “never give up the fight” attitude had a first round victory over Travis Stamper, only to be sent to the brutal bracket by Cliff Joyner. David, then, had successes over Charles Jenkins, Martin Salinas, Bobby Pachecho, Eugene Browning, Kim White, Shane Harvey, Al Mason, Robert Newkirk and Jeremy Jones to meet with Charlie Bryant in the finals.

Having one of the most powerful breaks on the planet, Charlie Bryant used that break to secure the hot seat with triumphs over David Trevino, Eugene Browning, Justin Wade, Cliff Joyner, Chin Lee and Jeremy Jones.

With the finals being a double race to nine format, David “G” came blasting off the one loss side to win the first set against “Hillbilly”, 9-4. Catching a gear and not to be out done, Charlie came back and won the deciding set, 9-4. Congratulations to both these fine players for their exhibition of fine play!

A special thanks to Adam and his staff for hosting a great event! See you next month back in the Alamo City on the new dates of April 16-18!

Complete Payouts:
1st Charlie Bryant $3980
2nd David Gutierrez $2660
3rd Jeremy Jones $1840
4th Robert Newkirk $1240
5th/6th Chin Lee, Al Mason $750
7th/8th David Henson, Shane Harvey $450
9th/12th James Davis Jr., Travis Stamper, Kim White, Cliff Joyner $100