Hillbilly returns to Fast Eddie’s Winners Circle

Charlie Bryant

Vegas is just around the corner, but 64 dropped into Fast Eddies Culebra, May 3-4 for their final tune-up and the 6th stop of the year on the Fast Eddies Olhausen 9 Ball Tour.

Players from all over the region and state were in attendance and as always, it was a very competitive field.

Finishing in the 13-16 positions were Lee Rosa, Paul Blank, James Davis Sr, and Kevin Deviney. Each got back $120.00 for his weekend's fun and work.

Rounding the 9-12 positions were Bill Kester, Jeremy Owen, Sylver Ochoa, and Mike Rodriguez. They were awarded with 150.00 each.

The 7-8th spots were claimed by Manual Ayala and Vivian Villarreal who took home $190.00 each.

The ever elusive 5-6th spots were filled by Gordon Van der Veer and Jesse Mata. Both played well and pocketed $240.00 for their fine play.

The 4th place finish was claimed by Danny Almaraz of San Antonio. Danny is a straight shooter and a fine gentleman who picked up $380.00 for his fine play.

Ismael Ramirez, known for his fast play and endless energy claimed 3rd place this weekend. Ish is a solid player and one of the good guys. He took home $550.00 for the weekend.

Charlie {The Hillbilly} Bryant claimed the hot seat and waited for Jui Lung Chen who was chugging through the one loss side having lost his 2nd match to the Hillbilly. He cranked it up and made it to the finals to avenge his early loss and shot straighter than a Springfield rifle all weekend.

In an unusual situation, Chen won the 1st match by a score of 9-7. Then after some talk and haggling the two decided to call it a weekend with Chen forfeiting the second match to Charlie. It had become late and Chen needed to be home for a prior obligation and gave the win to Charlie. These are two fine gentlemen and I can assure you that there was no funny business. Chen took home $780.00 for his weekend while Charlie Bryant sponsored by Diamond Tables and Inside Pool Magazine took home $1150. Congratulations to both.

Fast Eddies Culebra is where this Tour began 6 years ago and the Manger was Bob. Bob is still the manager and as always, he, his asst. manager Michelle, and staff do a great job. We appreciate them.

Thanks so much to our valuable vendors, Ron Geyer of the Custom Cue Connection, Jack Kompan of Mystick Cues, and Robbie Timms of Behind the 8 Ball. These guys do great work and are so very loyal to your tour.

A huge thanks to Olhausen Billiards who have sponsored the tour for its 6th year now. What more can we say about these great people? They are just awesome.

Thanks to Trevor and his gang from Carolina Cues. There fine cue and generosity is so greatly appreciated.

Last, but hardly least, Fast Eddies ownership. It is hard to believe we are in our 6th year, but we are only because of you and your commitment. Thank You so much.

We are off until June 14-15 when we travel to College Station to kick off the 2nd half of the year. We look forward to seeing you all there.