Hines scores SEAL Threepeat

Tracie Hines

When Tracie Hines relocated to Georgia, the ladies of the South East Amateur Ladies Tour might have been everjoyed with the idea of another regular player on tour. They may want to rethink that.

In the first two events this season, Hines lost one match and won both events. This weekend at Twains in Decatur, Hines extended her run to three straight tournament with one match lost.

Hines took the hot-seat 7-6 from Dawn Fox from Cincinnatti. On the one loss side, Fox ran into a woman on a mission. That woman was Janet Atwell. Atwell won the last four stops of the 2003 season and was sent to the one-loss side in the second round this weekend by Hines by the score of 7-3. Atwell had been tearing through the one-loss side looking to get another shot at Hines and she ran through Fox 7-3 to earn that spot.

Unfortunately for Atwell, the finals had the same result as her previous clash with Hines. It was closer this time, but Hines still scored the 9-6 win for her third straight Seal Tour victory.

Hines pocketed $405 for first while Atwell settled for $316. Fox and Christie Norris filled out the top four spots.

The SEAL Tour will be at The Pool Room in Marietta, GA on September 18th-19th for their next event.

1st Tracie Hines $405
2nd Janet Atwell $316
3rd Dawn Fox $245
4th Christie Norris $191
5th/6th Lisa Marr, Kelly Willis $146
7th/8th Stacy Gravitt, Betty Sessions $112