Hiraguchi Advances, Wei On The Outside Looking In At Poison VG 9-Ball

Action at day two of the Women’s Poison VG 9-Ball Championship is complete and the first tiebreaker has determined who was advancing from a group. 

In Friday play, group favorite Wei Tzu Chien finished with a 2-1 record, after losing a match to Indonesia’s Angeline Ticoalu. Japanese champion Yuki Hiraguchi also turned in a 2-1 record, dropping her match against Chien. The tie-breaker was not “head to head” play though. The first tiebreaker was “racks won”, and both players had ran twelve out of twenty four racks. That meant the tiebreaker went to number of balls made, and that meant that Hiraguchi moved to the single elimination stage with 169 balls made, compared to Chien’s 145 balls made. 

In worse news for Chien, her score of twelve racks ran leaves her below day one’s runner-up, Eylul Kibaroglu from Turkey, who ran fifteen racks. With only two players earning wildcards into single elimination play, Chien will have to hope that no runner-up finishers from days three or four are able to run more than twelve racks. 

Saturday play will see another all-star group of players competing in round robin play against the ghost. The early favorite has to be World Champion Kelly Fisher, but Germans Ina Kaplan and Yvonne Ullmann, as well as Japan’s Miina Tani will do everything in their power to keep Fisher from advancing. 

All of the ladies will be competing in 8 racks of 9-ball against the ghost, hoping to run more balls than their opponent. The top finisher in the four player group will earn her place in the final bracket, with two wildcards who don’t win their groups also making the final bracket. 

Play begins at 9:00 AM Eastern Time and can be followed online at https://www.facebook.com/CueItUpPodcast