Hit Discovery Channel Show ‘Construction Intervention’ Tabs “Striking Viking” For Billiards Makeover

Ewa Laurance and Charlie Frattini

(New York, NY) – When the hit TV show ‘Construction Intervention' decided to do a makeover on New York's legendary Guys & Dolls Billiards, they knew to do it right they should lean on the expertise of someone who knows their way around a billiards table. So the hit show called on billiards Hall of Famer Ewa Mataya Laurance, also known as The Striking Viking, to lend a hand and some insight into the world of billiards.  

‘Construction Intervention' is a reality show that follows successful New York City construction veteran Charlie Frattini and his topnotch crew as they use their unmatchable expertise to save struggling small businesses by doing complete makeover renovations. Ewa joined the show's host Frattini on site at the flailing NYC establishment to help lay out a new floor plan and provide some tips on the interior design of the billiard hall to be renovated. Guys and Dolls, a family run business that has been operating in the area for decades, had fallen on hard times after the death of the business' founder and family patriarch. 

“It was so much fun to be able to help the family, Charlie and the crew from ‘Construction Intervention' with the look and feel of the billiards room,” stated Ewa. “They really wanted to do things right and besides turning it in to a successful business and giving it an inviting and upscale atmosphere, they wanted to respect the game and its players by making sure the equipment, lighting, spacing of tables, etc. left nothing to be desired .” While on hand, Ewa also showed Charlie a few trick shots and surprised a few people on the crew by taking them on in a game.  

“I think this is one of our best episodes,” claimed supervising producer for the Discovery Channel, Christine Grund. The episode aired on Discovery Channel on Friday, June 11th. 

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