Hofstatter takes West Coast Classic Hot-seat

Gerda Hofstatter

The WPBA West Coast Classic field has now narrowed down to only 4 players left in the tournament. Janet Atwell had a fantastic tournament finishing 5th/ 6th. Atwell played Melissa Herndon and was losing by what appeared to be an insurmountable score of 8-0. Atwell then made an amazing 9-8 comeback. Afterwards Atwell went on to play snooker champion Kelly Fisher. At 3-2 both Atwell and Fisher missed the 9 ball a couple of times before Atwell made the 9 to take a 4-2 lead. K. Fisher came back getting a lucky roll on one 9 ball and makeing a 5-9 combo another game. K. Fisher then went on to dominate the match. finishing Atwell off 9-5.

Also on the one loss side, Allison Fisher faced off against Karen Corr. Corr played solid throughout the match as A. Fisher uncharacteristically missed a few shots allowing Corr to knock her out of the tournament 9-5.

On Sunday, Kelly Fisher and Karen Corr will play each other with the winner going on to play Vivian Villareal who lost the 'hot seat' match to Gerda Hofstetter 9-4.