Hohmann Makes it Happen at Accu-Stats 14.1 Invitational

Talk about finishing with a BANG!
Thorsten Hohmann, with an exemplary 6 - 2 game win-loss ratio, captured the 2013 Accu-Stats "Make It Happen" Straight Pool Invitational. After winning the final game by running to the obligatory 75 points, he continued into bonus money territory and collared a blistering 122.
Thorsten was on fire. He had run the first four racks in around 19 minutes.
His opponent, Ralf Souquet, always a gentleman, after enduring the 75 - 1 point loss, remained in his seat and was the first to congratulate him on his century plus accomplishment. (His sponsors, Lucasi and Kamui, will salute him by text message)
But that's not all: Had Thorsten lost that game with his fellow countryman, their win-loss record would have been tied at 5-3 in the Round-Robin format.
That would have forced a Play-Off. Thorsten did not want that. The audience in the Aramith/Simonis Arena at Sandcastle Billiards did. And, they wanted to see Thorsten break his 404 ball record created in 2000: Anything, so that the balls don't stop rolling.
These guys are die-hard pool fans, many of them contributing the $300 for the Accu-Stats "Make It Happen" package that assured them of ringside seats, a DVD package of all 20 matches, a group photograph autographed by all 5 competitors, an "I Made It Happen" T-Shirt or coffee mug, and Phil Capelle's best selling, "Break Shot Patterns."
Ralf wanted that Play-Off, too. And he wasn't alone. Earlier in the day, Mika, who was also at 5-3, was in the mix. Sadly, his game against Oliver went awry when he jawed a long shot left from Ortmann's break. (These Pro Cut pockets on the, industry standard, Diamond PRO AM table are tight)
Oliver leapt to the table. At 70 balls, he stumbled. Immonen was out of his seat, MEZZ in hand, and finished off the remainder of the rack.
Curiously, Mika, who normally attacked the Aramith Tournament Balls, lightened up on the break shot. His spotted cue ball got glued in the rack ending his play-off aspirations. it also allowed Oliver back at an open table and the 5 balls that eluded him in his last inning.
Oliver retired at 4 and 4; Mika, and Ralf, too.
The fifth player in the round-robin was Danny Harriman. Danny loves 14.1-- as is manifested by his high run of around 350. You don't get a high run like that unless you've hit a lot of balls. Don't forget, he had also snagged the Diamond Derby City Classic Straight Pool Challenge in 2009.
This year, his 2 and 6 record was a surprise to all, especially, himself. The good news is that after dropping six in a row, much to rousing audience delight, he got on a roll. He won his 7th while allowing Ortmann only 8, and in his 8th game, running 39 and out on Ralf who sat stuck at 55.
The High Run was captured by Mika at 123. He also shot a 113. Thorsten had a 122, 117, and 105. Ralf had a 112. Not bad stats: 30% of the 20 match Accu-Stats DVD set will offer century-plus runs. Add that to the other runs in the 50s to the 80s, compounded by the very learned Billy Incardona, Danny Diliberto, and emcee Ken Shuman in the "instruction" booth and with some practice, you, too, might "make it happen."
Accu-Stats thanks its sponsors. Aramith Tournament Balls, Simonis 860 Cloth, Samsara Cues, OB Cues, Lucasi Cues, Mezz Cues, The Billiard Press, and Diamond Billiard Products.