Hohmann vs Owen for US Open Hot Seat

Thorsten Hohmann

Day six is complete at the 29th Annual US Open, and the field is down to four players. Gabe Owen will take on former World Champion Thorsten Hohmann for the hot-seat, while Corey Deuel plays Niels Feijen on the one-loss side.

Hohmann scored an 11-8 win over Francisco Bustamante to earn his spot in the hot-seat match, while Owen defeated Mika Immonen 11-7 to earn his shot.

On the one loss side, Deuel followed up his dominating win over Ralf Souquet earlier Saturday with a win over Mika Immonen. Although already on the one-loss side, Deuel has shown the other players and the crowd that he will be a hard player to beat this weekend. His wins over Souquet and Immonen were masterful displays of nine ball at it's finest with Deuel making unbelievable shots and punishing his opponents when they made mistakes.

The hot-seat match will take place at 1PM EST with the one-loss side finals at 3PM. The final match will start at 7PM. All three matches will be part of the Billiard Club Network Online PPV.

Online brackets are updated and photos have been added to Carol Whiteside's online photo gallery.

Photo courtesy of Carol Whiteside