Hohmann wins Jersey Straight Pool title

Thorsten Hohmann

Thorsten Hohmann made the trip to the United States just to play in the Second Annual New Jersey State Straight Pool Championship at Comet Billiards in Parsippany NJ this weekend, and it paid off.

Hohmann defeated Tony Robles 200-107 on Sunday to take first place in the event. Hohmann defeated Robles 150-9 earlier on Sunday, but Robles took complete control of the semi-final match where he ran 141 from his opponent Dan Barouty's break. Robles went on to win that match 150 to -24.

With Hohmann and Robles both battling throughout the weekend for the high-run mark, the fans were expecting long runs in the finals. Those runs did not materialize. Robles only managed three runs in the finals with a high run of 42 balls. Hohmann ran 56 and then 79 on his way to a 200-107 victory.

Hohmann, the reigning World 9-Ball Champion, commmented after the event that straight pool was his favorite game and that he has a run of over 400 balls to he credit already. Knowledgeable players at the event stated that Hohmann might be the best straight pool player alive right now.

Hohmann pocketed $4000 for first place, in addition to the $100 bonus for the first 100 ball run of the event. Robles settled for $2000 and the $100 bonus for his high run of 141. Barouty and Jose Garcia filled out the top four spots.

Complete brackets are available online, and we will have photos from the event later in the week.

Photo courtesy of Mark Whiteside

Complete Payouts:
1st Thorsten Hohmann $4000
2nd Tony Robles $2000
3rd Dan Barouty $800
4th Jose Garcia $600
5th/6th Dick Lane, Allen Hopkins $500
7th/8th Tom Walter, Steve Lipsky $400
9th/12th Bob Maidhof, Steve Lillis, Niels Feijen, Gene Clegg $300
13th/16th Dallas West, Carmen Lombardo, Grady Mathews, Karl Sloezen $250