Holly Sholes wins AWBT Qualifier

Holly Sholes

Sixshooter’s in Phoenix hosted the AWBT’s sixth tournament of 2007. Thirty-Five women from all over the southwester US competed for the qualifier spot to the WPBA Midwest Classic in October.

In round nine play really began to heat up when top Arizona player Kristin Haney played newcomer Marissa Hallett who hails from New Mexico. Additionally Hallett is the 2007 BCA Open Women’s National Champion. Although both played fiercely pursuing the qualifier spot, it would be Haney who would continue in that endeavor sending Hallett to the one loss side only to be given the ole one-two and your out punch as she then fell to Kristie Ortega. Hallett received 4th place in her first event. The three remaining players were now Haney, Ortega, and Holly Sholes. However, at this juncture Haney was secured the qualifier spot as Sholes already had a spot from a previous win and Ortega opted not to play for the WPBA qualifier position but this event only for the cash and points. Haney then knew going forward she would be going to the Midwest Classic.

In the hot seat match it was Haney vs. Sholes, who dominated the match and won 7 to 2. The next match on the one-loss side pitted Haney vs. Ortega to see who would get to challenge Sholes in the finals and who would be sent home in 3rd place. Ortega quickly jumped to a 5-1 lead, however she allowed Haney back into the match after a small case of the yips at the table which Haney took advantage of and gaining the next 3 games to make the match 5-4. In game ten, Haney’s momentum was ripped apart as she scratch on the nine giving Ortega ball in hand to put her on the hill in the race to 7. Haney was able to shake off that mistake to take the next game and put herself only 1 game back again, but in game 12 doom struck her again. The scratch bug again bit Haney after pocketing the 4 ball, which allowed Ortega the opening she needed. She ran the last 4 balls out to head off to the finals

After a 3+ hour break Sholes looked to be like a race horse itching to be let out of the gate and leapt to a quick 3-0 lead. The match went back and forth until game 8 when Ortega missed the 5 ball, leaving Sholes with an easy 4 ball run to put herself on the hill. In the alternating break format, it was now Sholes turn to break and in a blink it was over as she snapped to nine in for the win.

Sunday’s second chance event had 13 participants with Michelle Trevino taking first place and Terri Johnson-McCauley winning second and Claudia Justus finishing in 3rd place. A raffle was also held for a stunning burgundy J. Pechauer Custom Cue valued at $480. The winner was AWBT Member, Linda Adams. The next AWBT tournament is scheduled in Tucson at Pockets on August 18th and 19th .