Horsfall to meet Bustamante in Challenge of Champions final

John Horsfall

With a break and short run in the sudden death game, John Horsfall has made his way to the final $50,000 match at the International Challenge of Champions.

Horsfall came back from a 4-3 deficit to win his first match against Earl Strickland 5-4 on Thursday. The second match was all Strickland, as he won 5-2 to force a sudden death game to determine the match winner. Horsfall won the lag and that was the last shot Strickland had, as Horsfall pocketed three balls on the break and then ran to a 6-9 combo to win the game. "It wasn't a hard combo, but had I left myself any farther way it could have been tough" Horsfall commented after the match.

Horsfall's opponent in the finals will be Francisco Bustamante who disposed of last year's winner Efren Reyes 5-3 and 5-1.

While Bustamante is certainly the favorite in the final match, not all of the spectators are counting Horsfall out. "If he plays like he did against me, he can beat Bustamante" said Earl Strickland after his loss to Horsfall.

The winner of the final match will pocket the $50,000 winner take all prize for this event.

Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe

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