How College Students Benefit from Playing Pool?

Are you bogged down with college papers and assignments? Often students in college terms feel overwhelmed with their workload. It is essential that they find a way to balance work with hobbies or extracurricular activities as well. These have several benefits, especially when a student is new, fresh out of school, and trying to adjust to a heavier academic course of education that college usually adds on.

Students need to find ways to de-stress and one way to do so is master college billiards. This is a social game, does not require too much physical activity but at the same time helps to build focus, concentration, dexterity, and social skills. Academic experts and writers from Edubirdie confirm that some recreational activities such as playing billiards are a great way to destress and recharge your energy before getting back to studies.

About the Game

Billiards belongs to the category of cue sports. These are known as skill games that you play with a cue stick. With it, you can strike out billiard balls and make them move around on a table that is covered with cloth and includes elastic bumpers. Pool, which is a form of billiards, is usually played on tables with six pockets. The tables are usually 7, 8, 9, or 10 feet in length. You could also come across different versions of the game such as eight-ball, nine-ball, and ten-ball or the straight pool, bank pool, or one-pocket version in college sports.

Popularity in Colleges

If you are wondering where to play pool, there are many colleges and schools that have pool tables set up in their recreation area. Indeed, many campuses take it seriously as a cue sport and include it in the college athletic programs.

Colleges such as Lindenwood University included billiards as part of their curriculum in 2013. Since then it has 20 players in this program and each student has shown hard work and leadership qualities which have helped them in the sport as well as in their academic assignments. There are also companies such as Hilltop which associate with campuses to provide pool tables among different forms of athletic facilities at colleges.

Pool as a Game of Recreation and Skill

Not only is it a social game, but it also helps hone certain skills and abilities in people who play them, whether as a leisure sport or as a profession. College students can de-stress and benefit physically as well as socially by playing pool on their campus.

It Helps Build Focus

Whether you are a beginner in the game or play avidly, you need to focus every time you start to play. For every shot, you need to focus on how you hold the stick as well as the angle at which your shot would be successful.

It helps to build attention to small details which can help block out other thoughts. Whenever you feel like your assignments keep piling up, you can choose to pay someone to do your homework and take some time for rest. When you are looking to de-stress, this is a game that will help you take your mind off a challenging college lesson.

It Sharpens Your Mind

Statistics show that binge-watching television dulls the mind of a student. On the other hand, if you choose to play a recreational sport like a pool when you wish to unwind, it can help sharpen your mind and de-stress at the same time. One needs to make estimates and calculations for their shots which keeps the mind active and focused.

Pool Helps to Stretch Your Muscles

Playing pool helps you to stretch out certain muscle groups such as your arms and upper body. You would also need to balance yourself at different angles to perfect shots around the table. You would be stretching and improving your balance every time you reach for the cue ball or try to shoot it at desired angles. In certain instances, you would also be standing on a foot. All such movements help improve stability.

Billiards Improve Critical Thinking

If you are overwhelmed with a difficult lesson or assignment, take a break and play pool with your friends. During the social game, you will build your focus as well as refresh your critical thinking skills. As you logically plan your game you will find that addressing challenging class assignments is easier after de-stressing with a game of pool.

It is a Way To Build a Social Circle

Often students who are new at a college campus find themselves alienated. It is often difficult to make friends in classes as well. On the other hand, when you are at the college recreational facility and trying your hand at the pool, you are sure to strike up conversations and make friends. As it becomes a regular pastime, you will look forward to hanging out with your friends and playing pool rounds with them.