How do you bet on a game of billiards?

Billiards is an entertaining game that many people love to play and watch. However, most people consider billiards to be just a game, completely ignoring the fact that it is an actual sport. Like most sports today, it makes complete sense that betting would be made possible for billiards too.

To begin with, billiards is not the name of a separate game, but actually, it features a couple of varieties of games, which common feature is the accelerated ball movements on a table. Depending on the type of game, people can use different tables, balls, and cues.

In the professional world of billiards, there are four main varieties of the game, including:

  • American pool
  • Snooker
  • Russian Pool
  • Carom

Can You Bet on Billiards?

Different games from billiards are covered by online bookmakers allowing people to place money on the outcome. Additionally, since billiards is considered a sport where there are many different championships getting the attention of millions of people, bookmakers decided to include such games in their odd offerings.

When it comes to the betting markets, bookmakers take bets on all the varieties of billiards we mentioned before. However, their top choice is snooker, which receives the most attention out of all game varieties and it is the most interesting action line game.

In the world of Billiards, there are some big events worth mentioning that are getting the most attention from bookmakers. Such events are the World Cup, which usually takes place in April, the Shanghai Masters, which is held in September, the Grand Prix tournament, held in October, as well as the European Championship which usually takes place in December.

This means that there is plenty of official billiards tournament that is usually covered by bookmakers. So, if you are a billiards fan or you just practice on your own table and you want to try your hand at betting, make sure to check out your local bookmaker’s offerings, and if billiards is not included, you can always find an online bookmaker that will allow you to place bets on your favorite billiard matches.

Billiard Bet Types

When it comes to the bet types that you can place money on, the action line depends on many factors such as the tournament or type of competition, type of game, and the bookmaker and his attention to this kind of sport.

Regardless of the type of billiards game, you choose whether Russian or American pool or Snooker, there are certain bet types that are most common in the bookmaker’s offerings.

So, even though you like watching billiards games when it comes to betting, the situation is very much different. This means that if you want to make some profits on your bets, you have to familiarize yourself with all the bet types, such as:

Betting on the winner of the game – the simplest bet offered by the bookmaker which allows you to choose the winner of each match

Bets on the exact score – This is without a doubt the most difficult type of bet, but also the one that will give you the biggest payout. You’ll need to guess the exact outcome of the game

Century bets – This type of snooker bet is specifically designed for betting on a player that you think will get 100 points or more.

Three Game Winner – This is a bet that allows you to bet on the player who won the first 3 frames

Bets Handicap – Here bets are made on the difference between the won games in the competition

Billiards Betting Strategies

Before you start betting on a certain type of billiard game, it is worth going through some strategies that will help you increase your winning chances. Even though snooker is the most popular billiards game to bet on, there are certain strategies for it, as well as for other types of billiards.

For example, in the world of snooker betting and often American pools, it is very beneficial to bet on the underdog with a positive handicap, if both players are coming from the same country. In such a case, the favorite can often give several frames to the outsider resulting in a big win for you.

You can also place bets on the winner in live mode using different bet strategies on total over/under.

Final Words

Billiards betting is quite straightforward and all you need to do is find an online bookmaker that includes such games in their offerings. Once you choose your bookmaker, you need to familiarize yourself with all the different types of games, rules of the game, and betting strategies. 

After all, billiards betting isn’t only for making the games more interesting to watch, but also you should be able to make some money out of the process. Either way, billiards betting is an interesting process especially if you want to spice things up.