How To Quickly Improve Your Pool Game

Billiards is one of the most popular cue sports across the globe. The game originated in the 15th century and can be played in many different formats. Many people across the world play billiards recreationally and competitively. Though the basics of the game are easy to learn, dominating the control of the white ball and competing under pressure is often challenging. If you’re an amateur who wants to become a better player fast, here are some tips for you:

Cue Stick Grip

The way you hold the cue stick greatly determines how the shot plays out. Professional players always use their dominant hand to grip it which helps them land the shot with power and dexterity. The bottom part of the stick, the butt, is often heavier and thicker. As cue sticks are manufactured in a variety of ways, some sticks carry a leather grip, while others have a smooth end. The butt ensures a firmer grasp, especially if your hands are sweaty.

In addition to your wrist and fingers, your grip on the cue stick also depends on your posture. As both your forearm and upper arm also dictate how you land the shot, your arm should be bent at a 90 degrees angle at the elbow. The forearm should remain perpendicular to the stick, while the upper arm should be placed parallel to it. To make your shot more precise, keep the cue close to parallel to the groups. 

Shooting Stance

Striking a good shot at the billiards table also boils down to your shooting stance i.e. the position of your body while shooting. In order to position yourself strategically, you must understand the proportions of your body. Copying the stance of professional players is the biggest mistake you can make while playing the game. The stance they adopt is suitable for their build and may not work for you. A good stance provides comfort, balance, and stability. 

It’s important to relax your legs and not to lock your joints while nailing a shot. If you feel any tension in your legs, secure your legs firmly on the ground and put equal body weight on both legs. Shifting the body weight on either leg can throw you off balance. The key is to keep a posture that allows you to bend easily. 

Similarly, weighing down on your bridge hand will make it shaky, causing you to bungle. If you feel like bending a knee while aiming at the ball, make sure you bend the first one as it will give you a more balanced and secure bearing. You can bet on a billiards game in an online casino. 

Body Alignment

Body alignment refers collectively to the directions each part of your body faces. With an improper body alignment, you won’t be able to strike a consistent shot. The right body alignment, on the other hand, increases the chances of successful strikes. If you’re not sure which body alignment will work best for you, set up a straight shot that gets the ball in a pocket. 

When you’re sure of your target and stroke, hit the ball without changing your posture. If the direction of your body is the same as your aim, you have got the alignment right. However, you may want to adjust your posture if you don’t feel confident. The direction your cue stick faces as you aim your shot can also help you gauge body alignment. 

Pre-shot Routine

Every shot in a billiards game is different. The variables surrounding each shot also change after the preceding shot. Practicing a routine of steps will help you nail each shot. This is called the pre-shot routine. It involves surveying the existing layout of the table as the balls adopt new positions.