Howe Takes the KBP Season Opener Win

The first stop of the 2009 KBP Tour was hosted by Strokers Billiards in Palm Harbor, Florida on Sunday January 25, 2009. The competition was fierce but Albert Howe came out on top. Howe, who has played on the tour for years past is the 1st winner for this season of events.

Howe had a great run in the competition but as the hot seat loomed forward Dan Whitten was making his mark and being favored as the one that would go to the end. Whitten was not letting any of his opponents off easy as none got past two games until Howe returned the favor and beat Whitten 7-2.

Jarred Schlauch was waiting patiently to see who he would have to play against for a chance at the finals. Schlauch soon was facing Whitten and the determined Schlauch left Whitten in 3rd place with a 7-5 score. Schlauch was then headed for the final race to 9 match against Howe.

Schlauch and Howe started their match and Howe was dominating the table jumping ahead with a 7-2 lead. Howe was a little rattled with a hit disagreement which was ruled in Howe's favor and this gave way for determined Schlauch to bring the score to an even 7-7. Howe got another chance to go forward taking the next game putting him on the hill. Howe's last game was on the edge as he almost hung the five ball but after a few seconds the ball dropped and Howe finished out the rack for the Win.