Huidji & Dechaine Make Incredible 14.1 Comebacks

Huidji See (Photo courtesy of

Queens, New York-  Some new straight pool heroes are forming in New York. One of the top favorites Johnny Archer, a former Bronze medalist, faced against World 10-ball Champ Huidji See in another USA vs Europe TV stream match. Archer looked to have it in the bag when he ran a 98 and barely missed a tricky finesse shot.

But See came back and put together a 100 ball run to defeat Archer and win his group earning the top group seed bye for the next round. 

"This is by far the most incredible comeback I've seen in the round robin at the World 14.1 in the past 7 years", said John Leyman, the tournament director for the World Tournament.

Not to be outdone, the next TV match delivered another inspirational race. 2x Silver Medalist Mika Immonen came out strong with an 80 ball run. Straight pool newbie Mike Dechaine had a mighty mountain to climb. But he climbed it well. 100 balls and out once again. Straight pool fans paradise.

"I can't remember two better comebacks than these tonight during any round robin I've ever seen", said promoter Charlie Williams.

In other matches top names were eliminated such as Mike Davis, Charlie Williams, and Pam Cimarelli almost qualified but lost in the 3 match tie breaker to Gary O'Callaghan of Ireland who needed only 20 balls against Thorsten Hohmann to beat her. He did way better than that as he had the reigning champion on the ropes 80 to 20, but Hohmann mounted a comeback to squeak by 100-91.

"It's incredible being here playing with the world's best 14.1 players. I'm glad to have given the world champ a run for his money", said O'Callaghan after the match.

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