Huidji See Defeats Bence Varga

Huidji See (NED) Foto: EPBF/AMM

Reigning World 10-Ball Champion victorious but not on his A-game yet

Thursday, 29 September 2011: Reigning World 10-Ball Champion Huidji See (NED) defeated reigning European Straight Pool Champions Juniors Bence Varga (HUN) with 8:5.

The match was determined by many errors from both players. Unusual shots were missed from Varga as well as See. Both players started out equally. That goes for the good shots and the bad shots as well. When Varga was leading 2:1, he scratched while pocketing the 9-ball. Instead of taking a 3:1 lead, the score was then 2:2. But See could not really profit from that. In the very next rack, he missed an easy 3-ball and brought Varga back into the match. Varga seemed to be able to benefit from that and achieved a 5:3 lead over See. In the 9th rack, it was Varga to break. He pocketed three balls and even had a shot at the 1-ball. That was a big chance for Varga to take a three-rack lead over See. But he missed a makeable 1-ball. That was the turn of the tide for the Hungarian youngster. See played like substituted. He took a 6:5 lead himself. In the 12th rack, See missed a 2-ball after playing bad position for it. But instead of getting an advantage out of that, Varga also ran out of position for the 4-ball and missed it. He was not able to take one more rack off See. The Dutchman won the match with 8:5, sending young Varga to the one-loss side.

Other notable results include Damianos Giallourakis (GRE) defeating Thomas Poeschl (GER) 8:4. Karl Boyes (GBR) won surprisingly clear with 8:1 over Germany's Dominik Jentsch. Mateusz Sniegocki (POL) remained victorious over Christian Reimering (GER) with 8:4. Konstantin Stepanov (RUS) fell to the sharp blade of Stephan Cohen (FRA), losing 6:8. Alexander Kazakis (GRE) sent Harald Stolka (GER) to the one-loss side with 8:2. Ivica Putnik (CRO) was the man of the evening in Croatia. He defeated “The Hitman” Raj Hundal (IND) by the skin of his teeth 8:7.

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