Iceman Freezes Finland!

Mika Immonen won on home soil
Courtesy of J.Ohtonen
The carneval started on friday when Mika Immonen and Finland's Joonas Ohtonen played a challenge match race to 15. Iceman have been telling how good it is to break with Taom Tip. Now he really showed that because he ran 11 break'n runs in same set. Iceman crushes Ohtonen 15-1.
Tournament started on saturday morning with 54 players. Only surprise in the tournament was that one of countries best Pyramid players Marko Rautiainen beat Mika in the early stages. Score was 8-7.
After that match Iceman showed no mercy for anybody, came back from the loserside and beat everybody. In the final The Iceman beat one the top-players in Finland, Kim Laaksonen. Score was 8-3.

New finnish invention Taom Tips Break / Jump tip was official sponsor of this years Iceman Open.