Ignacio Chavez Wins Empire Billiards Blaze Stop

Ignacio Chavez and Empire Billiards Owner Ken Olschewske

Blaze 9 Ball Tour made its way to Empire Billiards in Mount Holly NJ 45 Players came out to play players like Chavez, Jerry Slivka, Matt Krah, Danny Basavich, Mike Davis, Danny Green and Eddie Vasquez to name a few.

Leading the top half of the bracket was Jerry Slivka with wins over Adam Lombardo 7-3,Brandy Jones 7-3, Mark Pantovic 7-5, Matt Krah 7-6. Leading the bottom half of the was Ignacio Chavez with wins over Sharon O'Hanlon 7-1, Carmen Lombardo 7-2, Myke Munoz 7-2, Toni Rudi 7-2, Edwin Garcia 7-4,

Playing for the hot seat was Jerry Slivka vs Ignacio Chavez this was a great match that went back and forth but when it was all said and done it was Jerry Slivka with a 7-5 win and sending Ignacio Chavez to the one lost side. On the one lost side it was it was Mike Miller waiting for Ignacio Chavez this also was a one way match with Chavez winning the easily 6-2, giving him another shot at Jerry Slivka.

In the finals it was Jerry Slivka vs Ignacio Chavez this time it was Chavez taking control of the match and running away with the win 9-4.