Ignacio “Nacho” Chavez Dominates the Field at the Fast Eddie’s Olhausen 9 Ball Tour

Amanda Stephens (AM), Ignacio Chavez, Jason James (GM) and Melanie Hodges

The Fast Eddie's Olhausen 9-Ball Tour sponsored by Schuler Legacy Cues held its November event in Houston at the South Gulf Freeway location.

The field again was again loaded with talent that included 65 players from the region and as far as New York.

The top picks this month were Jeremy Jones, Jui Lung Chen, James Davis Sr., Javier Franco, Marc Garza, Gordon Van der Veer, and Ignacio Chavez.

Finishing in the 13-16th positions were, Jonathon Madere, Ali Affas, Javier Franco, and Jason Pearce. Each earned $125 and played well doing so.

The 9-12th slots were filled by, Scott Tollefson, Derek Fontenot, Tom Giddens, and James Davis Jr. They each pocketed $160 for the weekend.

Rick Stanley and Tyke Rabon played very well and finished 7-8th and picked up an extra $400 for the weekend.

The 5-6th spots were claimed by Ernesto Bayaua and Bill Kester and played very well doing so. They each received $550 and earned it.

Manual Ayala just keeps sinking balls, over and over. He sunk them this weekend to get to a nice 4th place finish and $940. He really played well.

The 3rd place belongs to the legend, James Davis Sr. “Bastrop” is a force to be reckoned with at any event and any crowd. He truly is subject to win anything at anytime. His 3rd place earned him $1380.

Meanwhile, the hot seat match was between Ignacio Chavez and the very capable Jui Lung Chen. The rail was hopping with action on this match as Ignacio bested Chen by a score of 9-5. Chen, then, went over and dealt James Davis a knockout blow and returned to avenge his earlier loss to Igancio.

Ignacio was full of confidence and never at any point looked the least bit strained as he handed Chen his walking papers by a score of 9-4. Chen later exclaimed, "He never miss!”, which was a fact.

Congratulations to Chen on a fine 2nd place and a nice $1960 as well.

Ignacio played a superb tournament and gave a clinic on how to be smooth. Congratulations and for his effort, he earned $3000.

Again, a very special thanks to Jack Kompan of Mystick Cues, Robbie Timms of Behind the 8 Ball, and Will Roach of Custom Cue Repair. You guys are always there and it wouldn't be the same without you.

A big thanks to Fast Eddies GM, Jason, and his staff. You guys were absolutely great and we appreciate it very much.

A special Thanks to Fast Eddies. It never seems like enough, but we do appreciate it.

Last, but hardly least, Olhausen Billiards and Schuler Legacy Cues. Your support and generosity is beyond expression. You guys are just great.

2007 is almost over, but, not until the Finale December 1-2 at Fast Eddies at the N.W. Military location in San Antonio. Remember, you only need to have played in one event Jan-Nov to qualify to play in the Finale.

We look forward to seeing you all and your support is appreciated.

Always remember, you the players, make this happen.