Ignomirello goes undefeated on first Tri-State stop at new venue

Raymond Romanski, Tony Ignomirello and Wali Muhammad

Tony Ignomirello went undefeated and won the Tri-State Tour's first stop at a new venue – Cue Nine Billiards, in Levittown, NY –  on Sunday, March 20.  The $1,000-added, A/D handicapped event had drawn 34 competitors to the new location.

Ignomirello's path on the winners' side of the bracket went through Mike Davie and Mike Strassberg before he arrived among the winners' side final four to face Chuck Giallorenzo. His finals opponent, Ray Romanski, squared off against Nick Bouquet. Ignomirello defeated Giallorenzo in a double hill battle, as Romanski downed Bouquet 7-3. Ignomirello and Romanski squared off against each other in the battle for the hot seat, in what would prove to be their one and only match. Ignomirello sent Romanski to the semifinals 9-5, from where he would return, and by mutual consent, concede the event victory to Ignomirello.

Bouquet moved west to face Wali Muhammad, who was working his way to the semifinals, following victories over Gary Murgia 7-1 and Stewart Warnock 7-3, for the right to face Bouquet. Giallorenzo picked up Steve Wade, who'd defeated Mike Ettl and Al Cacciola, both 6-4. Muhammad then won two straight double hill matches, first against Bouquet to get into the quarterfinals against Giallorenzo, who'd defeated Wade, double hill, and then, against Giallorenzo 8-7 to advance to the semifinals.

Muhammad's bid and, as it turned out, the event ended with Romanksi's 7-3 victory over Muhammad. Both Romanski and Ignomirello had long distances to travel and at 1:30 a.m. on Monday morning, they agreed to a split of the top two prizes, with a larger percentage going to Ignomirello, who would be the winner of record for the event.

Tour staff thanked venue owner John Brendle and his Cue Nine staff, as well as sponsors Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Ron Tarr Cues, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, and Dr. Dave Billiards Instructional Products.