Illinois players take their shot at No Limit 9-Ball

Mike Calderone

They came in droves to Palace Billiards in Villa Park, IL. All trying to secure their spot on the new upcoming reality show “No Limit 9 Ball.” From the best to the worst and the outrageous to the ghastly, everyone had their chance to audition for their place in the sun. Even with the Super Bowl playing in the background, it did not stop the enthusiasm of the crowd. Nearly 100 players took their shot at earning a position on the show when it begins airing in mid 2005.

With a crew of Hollywood producers and production agents in tow, this casting call brought in the best and the worst. One girl came as the Statue of Liberty, decked out from head to toe. Then there was Mike Calderone, glimmering as though he had just walked off Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras. “When you gotta hustle people, you gotta be dressed” states Mike.

With a guaranteed $20,000.00 weekly purse this promises to be the best thing to happen to pool in years. This is the brainstorm of Mars Callahan, star and producer of the latest pool based movie “Pool Hall Junkies” This will be the last casting call outside of California. Others will be held in the upcoming weeks to show off your talents.

This is a great experience and one that all who have the talents should participate in. Keep checking back with for more updated exclusive information about this event.