Immonen Topples San Souci at Tri-State Tour

Mika Immonen

When the Tri-State Tour rolled into Master Billiards in Queens, NY, all the regular guys were there. Gary Murgia, Danny Clinton, Michael Yednak, all the regular guys. Oh, and two newbies, Mika Immonen and George San Souci. In the pool version of fishing with dynamite the two pros blew through the field and (surprise, surprise) wound up facing one another first for the hot seat and again for the finals.

This would be Imonnen's day. He beat Ginky on the hill to claim the chair and then took him down again, 11-9 to win the event. Other players who should be commended include Danny Clinton who finished in third with a record of 6 wins ands two losses and to Gary Murgia who had his personal best performance at an open event with a 5 and 2 record and to Michael Tosado who finished in fourth.