Important Information For U.S. Open Players

For all US Open players please remember two very important items about this event.

1) Beginning October 15th there will be a $50.00 late fee, so save yourself that money and send in your entry now.

2) To all players who are likely to be seeded: We MUST have your entry in by October 15 to place you on the seeding chart. This chart will be done on the afternoon of the 15th or shortly thereafter and if we do not have your entry by then you will not receive a seeded position on the chart. We can't seed you if we don't know you are coming.

So by entering now you not only save yourself fifty bucks but you also guarantee the seed position that you deserve.

Also, remember past champions, all entry fees are due with only one exception, Mr. Darren Appleton, our back to back U.S. Open Champion. Time is drawing near so make all of your travel and entry plans now.

Thank You,
Barry Behrman and Shannon Behrman Paschall