Inaugural Iwan Simonis Ride the 9 Tour “Triple Crown Championship” Virtual Competition Elite Sixteen This Week

With yet another OVER 100% PAYBACK, Gloria Jean’s Official Iwan Simonis Ride the 9 Tour will be starting play of the Elite 16, March 29, 2021 at 6:30 PM EST on the Iwan Simonis Ride the 9 Tour Page.

Originally over 70 participants from around the Nation competed in the qualifiers to make this Virtual Competition a success.

The format for the qualifiers was Ghost 9 Ball, where every ball was worth 1 point, the 9 ball was worth 2 points and a scratch was a negative 1.

We had a total of 8 qualifiers with a maximum of 10 players and a staggered buy-in according to the Class of the Player: A, B, C. The minimum buy-in was only $15 and the maximum was only $50.

Now that we have the Elite 16, we are heading into a 16 Player, single-elimination, progressive rack, randomized, bracket-style format.

Each of the 16 players will receive 6 racks per person, then as each round goes by it will gradually increase until the Final 2 play off with 13 racks a person.

Ghost 9 ball will be played until we reach the Final 4, then we change the discipline to 10 ball Ghost format, and have tightened up the rules. The best of the best will need to grind it out to be victorious and walk away with some great payouts.

We have also incorporated a Challenge match between 5th and 6th Place. Each player will have 13 racks to prove themselves worthy of an additional $100 cash payout. The technical 6th place player will have $50 entry into another tournament(s) or to use to put toward winning potential prizes in upcoming events.

During the tournament, prizes were given out for donations:
Marty Cary Jump Q –Nate Johnson, MA ($170 Value)
Marty Carey Jump Q AND 4 X 8 ACME Case – Brian Davis, NC ($380 Value)
McDermott Playing Cue – Nate Johnson, MA ($550 Value)

Guaranteed Payouts
1st – $1000
2nd – $500
3rd/4th: $350 Ea
5th: $100 (Challenge Match winner)
6th: $50 (entry money for future events)
7th & 8th: $30 (entry money for future events)
2, $25 Random cash giveaways for anyone who has played! We will do this after the tournament has concluded.

We will also be giving away: Aramith Black Balls Baskets include jewelry, lotions, and pool related items!!

If you are interested in an event, you can message Gloria Jean at, Gloria Jean on fb, or easiest at 401.999.TOUR (8687).

We will update AZ Billiards of our Winners…..

Best of luck and play well to all!