Inaugural Southwest Amateur Tournament in Texas

Michelle Yim, Melinda Bailey Rebecca Goodnight

A new format was introduced at the inaugural Southwest Amateur Tournament (SWAT) at the E-Center in Harker Heights, TX, Feb 8-10, 2008. The converted grocery store, which now normally hosts rock concerts, was the perfect venue to host a TRIPLE elimination event. Most everyone, especially those who battled through that newly introduced 3rd bracket, appreciated the opportunity of the extra round of play.

As is the goal of all BCA Pool League sanctioned events, the playing conditions were second to none. Consistency counts so the Simonis 860 Tournament Blue cloth, the Diamond 7' Smart Tables with tight, Pro cut 4-1/2” pockets and Red Circle cue balls with Super Aramith Pro balls were much appreciated by all who competed.

The Men's Singles solicited 66 entrants. The Women's Singles attracted 22. The Scotch Doubles, though double elimination, drew 20 couples.

On the Men's singles, Chris White played undefeated while Billy Sharp beat Jeff Sorrell in the 1 loss bracket. This forced a rematch which resulted on Billy going against Chris for the title, Alas, Billy couldn't overpower the confident Chris and he finished second. Jeff Sorrell, of the Dallas Southwest Eightball League, therefore, placed 3rd. Larry Nicholson, also from SWEL, celebrated 4th.

Rececca Goodnight, from the Houston 8-Ball League, got through the winner's bracket without a blemish. Melinda Bailey, a Southwest Eightball League member, rallied thru the 1 loss bracket. In the Women's 2 loss bracket, Michelle Yim defeated Austin APPLE league's Kim Pierce who garnered 4th place,. The win took Michelle to the finals. Melinda Bailey got the better of Michelle and the right to a shot at Rebecca. Now, thanks to the triple elimination format, Melinda had to beat Rebecca 3 times for the championship. Rebecca needed only 2 wins. Undeterred, Melinda snatched the next 3 matches and the 1st SWAT tournament of the year.

Scotch Doubles winners Chris White and Michelle Yim are from Houston 8-Ball League. Their competitors in the finals, Don Baker and Snowy Belt, play out of SWEL in Dallas.

Upcoming events include,

The Texas BCA Pool League State 8-Ball Championship, March 13-16, 2008; Men and Women singles and teams events at the E-Center in Harker Heights, TX,

July 18-20 Triple elimination men and women's singles, MIXED. Scotch Doubles, Seniors, and Masters are double elimination. 8-Ball

Oct. 17-19 Triple elimination men and women's singles, MIXED Scotch Doubles, Seniors and Masters are double elimination. 9-Ball

Dec. 5-7 Triple elimination for men and women singles, MIXED Scotch Doubles, Seniors and Masters are double elimination. 8-Ball