Inaugural Women’s International Pool Championship Announced

New York City, New York-  The pool world is in for another fantastic event with the all new inaugural Women's International Pool Championship!  Dragon Promotions is bringing big time, world class women's pool back to the United States with this new event that is also featuring qualifiers all over North America. The event takes place December 16-21, 2014 featuring 64 elite women from around the world and hosted by Steinway Billiards Cafe in New York City, the epicenter of American culture. All players may participate without penalty per latest email confirmation from WPA President Ian Anderson, and all WPA issues with the event have been resolved.  The event is sanctioned by the WPBA. 
From Seattle to Quebec, and Tampa to New York City, there will be a multitude of opportunities for players to qualify. The ones who do win will get to play a guaranteed 7 matches in the round robin! Not bad for a $50 entry fee and taking a crack at the $14,000 1st place prize. A very big opportunity for up and comers looking to gain experience on the women's pro tour scene.
The Women's International Pool Championship format will be very challenging. It begins with an 8 women round robin with every player playing a guaranteed 7 matches. The field is cut in half and then moves onto the knockout rounds in a race to 10. The quarter-finals goes to a race to 11, and then the semi-finals race to 13.  The Pool Championship Finals will be a race to 17. The eventual tournament winner will have played 12 world class opponents.
Remainder QUALIFIER SCHEDULE FOR the WOMENS INTERNATIONAL POOL CHAMPIONSHIP ! Brought to you by Andy ClothPool & Billiard Magazine J.Pecahuer Cues Steinway Billiards. 

Nov 15 (Sat) Florida - SLATE BILLIARDS (Boynton Beach) or Jeannie Seaver : 1 spot awarded Florida Slate Billiards

Nov 15 (Sat) Canada- BILLARD DES PROS (Quebec) (450) 963-0309 

Nov 15 (Sat) Washington CUE-TOPIA BILLIARDS (Lakewood) 1 spot Washington

Nov 22 (Sat) Washington MALARKEYS POOL & BREW (Tacoma) 
2 spots Washington

Nov 22 (Sat) Ohio - PLAYERS FAMILY BILLIARDS (Columbus) 
1 spot Ohio

Nov 23 (Sun) New Jersey - SANDCASTLE BILLIARDS (Edison) 2 spots New Jersey

Nov 23 (Sun) Canada - Shooters Snooker and Sports Club (Toronto) 647 717 8219 or 416 750 7787poolroom 1 SPOT Toronto

Nov 29th (Sat) Florida - STROKER'S (Tampa) 
2 spots Florida

Nov 29th (Sat) California - HARD TIMES (LOS ANGELES) , 2 spots California 

Dec 13th (Sat) New York - FINAL QUALIFIER in NYC Location: TBA Final 2 Spots
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Main event Dec 16-21, 2014 in New York City at Steinway Cafe-Billiards. Special PPV Pro Event Invitational on Dec 14th.