Independent Event Weekend Wrap-Up for May 31-June 1, 2008

The weekend of May 31st-June 1st finished up with a couple of tough east coast regional events. The results for those events follow:

Event 1: The Pennsylvania State 9-Ball Championships got underway at Lucky Break Billiards in Indiana, Pennsylvania. With a total field of fifty-five players including top names as Paul Mottey, Shaun Wilkie, Ryan McCreesh, Brett Stottlemyer, Steve Rector, Dave Grau, Matt Krah, Jeremy Sossei, Don Steele, and Justin Daniels, the placing/payouts were as follows:

1st Jason Klatt $3876
2nd Adam Smith $2513
3rd Chip Klein $1574
4th Jerry Slivka $887
5th/6th Matt Clatterbuck/Eddie Abraham $350
7th/8th Dave Daya/Dan Doerer $250
9th-12th Eric Hjorleifson/Brian Mahan/Andrew Attard/Stan Weister $175
13th-16th Mike Young/Joey Arbuckle/Dex Derr/Jim Udischas $125

Event 2: The Tar-Heel Open 9-Ball Tournament (Spring 2008) was held this past weekend as well at Dots Cue Club in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. With $750 added, the event drew twenty-five players. The top gun for the weekend was Steven Page – he managed his way through the field and ultimately defeated professional player Mike Davis twice in the finals to capture the victory.

Prior to the main event, Friday night saw a $100 added mini-bank pool event to get the players in stroke. At a minimal $25 entry fee, approximately thirteen players jumped in to play. Scott Rabon took the first place spot by winning 3-2 in the finals over Tommy Briscoe. To get to the finals, Rabon took down Wade Crane 3-1, while Briscoe bested Mike Davis 3-2.

The final payouts are as follows for each:

Main Event:
1st Steven Page $750
2nd Mike Davis $450
3rd Scott Rabon $350
4th Larry Pittman $200
5th/6th Phillip Richardson/Mike Fuller $150

Mini-Bank Pool Event:
1st Scott Rabon $200
2nd Tommy Briscoe $100
3rd/4th Mike Davis/Wade Crane $50