International 10-Ball Thursday Update

Roberto Gomez is on a tear, dominating his opponents by a combined total score of 30-3. The tournament is set to re-draw the final 32 as the double elimination format becomes a single elimination race to 11 games.

The top 16 undefeated players will be seeded 1-16, and the seeded players who are in the "One Loss Side" will be seeded 17-32.

The seeding matches up the #1 player with the #32 player, #2 with 31 etc.

Tony Robles was impressive in regaining control and momentum of his match against Top Filipino player Dennis Orcullo. "The Silent Assasin" played near perfect to win 9 consecutive games while making a statement through his play.  

"Little Lightning" Yu-Ram Cha is playing with fire and determination as she is looking to follow up her BCAPL Women's Grand Master win with showing the men that she has the heart and power to play at the highest level. Yu Ram defeated France's Reda Belhaj 10-2, then followed up a solid win defeating one of the biggest names in pool... "The Black Widow" Jeanette Lee. This was a huge win for Yu Ram, because she had yet to beat Jeanette in a major tournament and Yu-Ram has much respect for Jeanette's game.

With this win, Yu Ram is fighting in the final 48 and has her sight set for her first goal in this tournament... making the final 32 players. Yu Ram is playing Shane as I write this... we will be reporting on the breakdown shortly. Along with Yu-Ram Cha, one of the other remaining women players is Austrian superstar Jasmin Ouschan. Jasmin stood tough to defeat Seattle-based veteran professional Dan Louie 10-6. She is lined up to play Carlos Cabello form Spain who has been impressive this event including a huge win over Ralf Souquet.

"The Duchess of Doom" Allison Fisher is lined up to play Dan Heidrich from NY for a chance to make it to the final 32. Heidrich is a strong up and coming player who was able to escape a 7-0 deficit vs Niels Feijen earlier in the event.

Kelly Fisher is matched up with Filipino superstar Ramil Gallego of the Philippines. If she is able to defeat him, she will be lined up with Dragon Promotions Founder and top pro Charlie Williams.

If a women's pro makes it through, it will mark the first time in the 9 year history of the event a woman would have finished in the prize money and in the top quarter of the field. is offering bonus money to the top woman's finisher of $1000 and $500 for the second highest in addition to the regular prize money.


Yu Ram Cha (KOR) beat Jeanette Lee (USA) 10-9, in a long drawn out match that took over three hours to finish.

Allison Fisher (ENG) beat Amalia Mates (ESP) 10-4, in another fine display of the champions pool skills.

Johnny Archer (USA) disposed of Sal Butera (USA) 10-7. Sal is the son of "Machine Gun" Lou Butera, who only recently hung up his stick at the age of 72. Sal did well in the BCA Grand Masters event last weekend, finishing third.

Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) continues her absolute stellar play to knock out Dan Louie (USA) with a score of 10-6.

Kim Davenport continues to amaze us with that beautiful stroke of his, when he won another match taking out Mark Vidal (ESP) in a nail biter, 10-9.

Mike Massey (USA) ended his run in this event when he came up against David Alcaide (ESP) 10-4. So its back to the trick shot world for Mike.

Oscar Dominguez (USA) made his dad proud today when he beat the Canadian Eric Hjorliefson (CAN) by a big margin 10-4. Oscar plays Sylver Ochoa (USA) tonight at 11 pm.

Jeremy Sossei (USA) beat John Morra (CAN) in his 3 pm match, in a convincing display of patience and consistant play 10-5. Jeremy plays at 11 pm later tonite against Dennis Orcollo (PHI). Lets see how Dennis bounces back after the bad beating he took at the hands of Tony Robles on Wednesday.

Daryl Peach (ENG) displayed some great pool to destroy Santos Sambajon (PHI) 10-6 in his 3 pm match today. Daryl plays again tonite at 8:30 pm against Mike Davis (USA).

Hall of Famer Allen Hopkins (USA) exited the tournament today, when he came close with a 10-9 hill hill match against Hiroshi Takenaka (JPN). Allen, who doesn't play that much competively any more did great to get this far into the event.

La Frenchman Vincent Facquet  got the better of Al Lapena (PHI) 10-6.

Raj Hundal (IND) was 4-3 down against Ralf Souquet (GER) on the TV when I left at 5 pm.

Interesting matches tonite include Yu Ram Cha (KOR) against Shane Van Boening (USA) in their 8:30 pm match up. Shane must be the favorite here.

Allison Fisher plays Dan Heidrich at 8:30 pm tonite. I give Allison the edge in this match.

A great match at 6 pm tonite is the top of the bill match up of Rudalfo Luat (PHI) against Niels Feijen (NED), this will be a humdinger.

Sponsors for this event include Ozone Billiards, which is also joined by, Simonis Cloth, Diamond Tables, Aramith Balls, Laser Rack, Uni-Loc, and the event host BCA Pool Leagues in this Dragon Promotions production.

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