International Cue Collector Show 2012


International Cue Collector Show

Where:             Las Vegas, Nevada

When:             November 3, 2012

 August 23, 2012   The eleventh annual International Cue Collector Show (ICCS) will be held this year in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the beautiful Red Rock Resort and Spa.  The Show has been held in some of the United States` most prestigious locations, and the tradition continues this year at the Red Rock.

 The ICCS provides a venue for many of the top cue collectors in the world to display some of their most attractive, interesting and historic cues, and to view and have an opportunity to purchase some of the best new work by selected top cuemakers from around the world. 

Public Invited

The event is open to the public on Saturday, November 3, from 1:00-6:00PM.  The ICCS brings to Las Vegas a gathering of some of the world`s finest collections with an opportunity to view many of  the most outstanding cues ever made, along with the opportunity to purchase new cues and spend time with many of the world`s top cuemakers and collectors!


The Gambler Cues Special Collection

One of the highlights of each year`s show is the Special Collection, a group of cues optionally made by participating cuemakers all along a similar theme.  This year the set of cues will be The Gambler Cues Special Collection, a group of cues properly established for this year`s show venue.   The cues will be sold individually in a special auction that ends during the public session on Saturday to the highest bidders in attendance.

The event is held in a different location each year, and brings cuemakers, collectors and attendees from all over the United States, Europe, South America and Asia.  For additional information about the show, contact Will Prout at