Introducing “American Hustlers” And Their Cast

Scooter Goodman

American Hustlers is a new reality series that will take you on a 2100 mile ride through 10 states, 40 pool halls and countless hours of pressure-packed shots on the way to the most lucrative week in high stakes, under­-ground pool gambling: The Derby City Classic. Scooter Goodman, a family  man from Cleveland, Ohio, takes his crew from town to town looking for the next game that will pay his rent. His ultimate goal is to reach the Derby with a stack of money that will be on the line against the best players in the coun­try. From the back seat, we will experience the ups and downs of this unique way of earning a living where on any given night, Scooter could win $10,000 and give it all back by sunrise. The cast of characters they will encounter along the way will include World Champions, local busi­ness owners and part-time ferris wheel operators. No matter who Scooter plays, in his mind he always works out the right match to win money. Some nights it all works out as planned and they are checking into a nice hotel and other nights that nine ball just won't fall and they are sleeping in their car. It's a life on the road that only the best can survive, so we will find out if Scooter is in fact "The Best Hustler in America."


The series will be executive produced by Michael Murphey, who has produced for over twenty feature films and numerous television projects including most recently the international television "Hot SAF3", as well as Sony Pictures blockbuster hit "District Nine", which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. Working with Mr. Murphey will be co-pro­ducers Peyton Thomas, an experienced film actor and producer, as well as Mickey Conway, an entertainment attorney and producer, whose recent credits include the sports film for ESPN Classic "Fifty Years at the Final Four".



Fred "Scooter" Goodman

Age: 26

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Married with 2 daughters (Ages 3 & 1) Most $ won in one day: $47,000

Scooter says: "Only bet on something that you KNOW you can win."

Scooter brags he is the "Best Hustler in America;' and he can prove it with the cash in his pocket and his 2009 National title as given to him by his peers. He and his band of "Road Hustlers" will travel thousands of miles for the opportunity to make the right bet. Beware when he comes to your town ..."There are big fish out there, but I just  want to hook the little ones."

"Spanky" Kaba

Age: 25

Resides in: Wayne, NJ

Girlfriend:  Several

Spanky is the type of hustler who wants to win just enough to make it through the night. Some nights it's $10,000 and on their way to Atlantic City and on others it's a hot dog and cup of free water at the BP Station. Either way, Spanky knows there is always another victim (or as he like to call them - "Customer") waiting for him to play just around the corner.


Jonathon "The Shredder" Tedder

Age: 28

Hometown: Boaz, Alabama

Lost $30,000 to Jeanette Lee

Won $25,000 off Bobby Pickle

"If I come to your town, I'm comin' to win the max!"

Tedder's boy-next-door charm belies his obsession with the perfect bet, and he'll empty his pockets in pursuit of the next big score. Victims across the country have lost their shirts (and a lot more) when they crossed paths with this southern "Pretty Boy:' "I love playing under the heat:'

Brittney "Gorgeous" Borges

Age: 26 Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Practices 60 hrs a week

Don't be fooled by her innocent smile, Brittney works harder than anyone to hone her skills so she can dominate in this "man's world:'  She earned her spot on Scooter's crew, and any one of them would throw down a grand on her talent without thinking twice.