Introducing OB Chalk

We often get asked by players to come out with new products and by far the most common request we have gotten over the last few years is for a premium OB Chalk. So we spent the last year working directly with a new chalk manufacturer in China to come up with a chalk that we hope will be considered by players to be a premium chalk. Something that players would try and hopefully perceive as being as good or better than many of the other premium chalk brands on the market.


We have had several players in the Dallas area test the chalk over the last 6 months and the feedback we have gotten from them has been great. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel and we are not claiming to have the best chalk in the industry. However, we do believe that it will rank quite highly and will give players one additional choice in the chalk brand that they choose to use (which is always a good thing). We are first and foremost a pool cue manufacturer and that will always be our main focus but fans of our products have asked us for chalk for years now so we felt it was time to deliver.


OB Chalk comes in a two piece box and has an MSRP of $7.00 per box. It is now in stock and available directly from OB Cues on our website or from your favorite billiard retailer.


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