IPA Blackball Lakeside World Championships Beginning

Christophe Lambert

To the sound of trumpets the IPA are proud to announce the IPA Blackball Lakeside World Championships from January 21st to 26th 2014. 

Pool is a game that anyone can play but few can master, and with the ability to pop  down the local for a game, it appeals to everyone of all standards, from mess about  through local leagues all the way up to the true professionals. A fast paced easy to  follow sport (seven yellows, seven reds, a black, and a white), each frame can be over in  moments, or go tactical and turn in to chess with balls - the variety is surprising and  great fun to watch. 

Players will arrive from Malta, Ghana, Morocco, Hungary, Ireland, France and South  Africa, plus a strong contingent from every corner of the United Kingdom, and with ex  World Champions Gareth Potts (who recently won the Joy Chinese 8Ball Masters) and  Jason Twist, plus tour winners Lee Clough, Craig Marshall, Jordan Shepherd, Christophe  Lambert and Simon ward to name but a few, the competition will be fierce from the first to the very last frame. 

With a singles (192 entries) plus a doubles and a seniors tournament, there will be  plenty of action for one and all, and numerous ways to get involved - from the  livestream table which fans can watch free of charge via www.ipapool.com, to regular  results via Twitter (@ipapool), and a highlights programme to follow, though  the true enthusiast can still buy tickets to watch in person via the Lakeside  Switchboard (01252 836464), or with group discounts via chairman@ipapool.com.