IPT Challenge Match – Archer Makes a Prediction

Johnny Archer

While traveling between tournaments today, Johnny Archer, participant in the upcoming IPT challenge match against Earl Strickland, made a bold prediction about the outcome of the match. Archer stated that "it is great be back with the IPT and I can't wait to play this match next week. Not only is it good to promote the sport this way, but it will feel great to beat Earl [Strickland] again."

The International Pool Tour live challenge match between Johnny Archer and Earl Strickland airs for free, December 19th, 2007 (8pm eastern) at www.internationalpooltour.com. The match is an 8-Ball race to 15. The IPT strongly suggests going to www.internationalpooltour.com in advance for login details, so that viewers do not miss the beginning of the broadcast and the pre-match festivities.

Professional commentary will include Mike Sigel and Grady Mathews. Sigel is one of the most accomplished players in the history of the sport and is a member of the Hall of Fame. Mathews has had a successful and diverse career in the billiards world. He is a champion player, a promoter of some of the finest events in the industry, a room owner, and a popular analyst/commentator.

The live broadcast feed will be available at www.internationalpooltour.com absolutely free for anyone, anywhere in the world. There is absolutely no cost whatsoever to watch the match live. Visit www.internationalpooltour.com for further details about the challenge match, which will be broadcast at the highest levels of quality available online. This is a rare opportunity to see two great champions compete head-to-head, live, and without cost to the viewer. Be sure to visit www.internationalpooltour.com now for login details.

The match will be played on a Diamond IPT Pro Table (www.diamondbilliardproducts.com), the official table of the IPT. Also, the Master Rack will be used as the official rack of the challenge match (www.masterrack.com). Sponsors also include Billiardcue.com (www.billiardcue.com), HustlinUSA (www.hustlinusa.com), L.E.A.N.I. Slate (www.leanislate.com), and Incentives International (www.incentivesintl.com).