IPT Sends Reyes First Installment Of Prize Money

Efren Reyes

International Pool Tour Director Deno Andrews said yesterday that the first installment of the prize money due to Efren "Bata" Reyes who won the recent IPT World Open 9-Ball Championships in Reno, Nevada as well as the winnings of all other players has been already sent out.

In a response to questions from Viva Sports/Manila Standard Today, Andrews said the check covering the first installment of 11 percent of the prize money were "shipped already" and promised to forward the tracking numbers today.

Reyes who won the IPT World Open 8-Ball finals beating Rodney "The Rocket" Morris 8-6 won $500,000 or some P25 million. Should he receive eleven percent it would amount to $55,000 or P2.75 million.

Reyes who had always maintained he was confident that in the end IPT founder Kevin Trudeau would pay the players what was due them, said he was happy to learn that the installment payment plan was pushing through because the money would come in time for Christmas.

Andrews said a second installment of another 11 percent "will be shipped in three weeks with a third installment on January 8th" to complete 33 percent of the total prize money. He said the IPT was "working to increase that amount and get the players paid off." He said there was a "detailed letter in each envelope explaining the payment schedule."