It’s an OB Cues Month for our Gold Members!

Our May Gold Member Giveaway is another blockbuster! OB Cues is providing all five winners with a brand new 2013 Model cue! The engineers at OB are never satisfied with the status quo. As a result they are known as prime innovators in the industry and they have developed a solid reputation for making products that do exactly as promised. To make this Gold Giveaway even more special each winner may choose the OB shaft of their choice! More on those shaft choices below.

The First Place winner this month will receive the beautiful OB-135 “Darts” cue. The OB-135 features the new “Infinity Inlays” creating super-sharp points that up until now have only been available in the most elite custom cues. The OB-135 has a Birdseye Maple Forearm with 6 Cocobolo Dart Points, a Cocobolo Handle, and a Birdseye Maple Sleeve with 6 Cocobolo Dart Points re-cut into Ebony. The cue also features Straight Line Core (SLC) engineering. The SLC construction guarantees a cue that is Straighter, Stronger, more Stable and Stiffer. This means that your cue will be built straight, stay straight and hit great. The OB-135 also features a Centralized Balance System that places weight in very specific locations throughout the butt of the cue to create an evenly balanced cue with feedback that is crisp and lively. It really has to be hit to be appreciated!

Our Second Place Winner will receive another great cue from the new 2013 OB line. This will be the OB-130, known as the Eight of Diamonds. This cue also utilizes the Super-Sharp Infinity Inlays and it features a Birdseye Maple Forearm with 8 scalloped Ebony Diamond Inlays, Irish Linen Wrap, a Birdseye Maple Sleeve with 8 Scalloped Ebony Diamond Inlays and the Straight Line Core construction. This cue also features the Centralized Balance System as previously described to give you that crisp and lively feedback that every cueist treasures.

Finally, our 3-5th place winners will receive the brand new OB Lift Pro Jump Cue. This cue will get you airborne! It features a 13 MM OB Jump Tip, a Patented laminated maple ferrule, a North American Maple shaft and a 3/8 X 10 wood to wood joint. It also delivers an 18” two-piece Butt, a micro 3/8 X 10 jump joint and is finished with a Midnight Blue stain.

As mentioned, everyone gets to choose the OB shaft that they like the best! The craftsmen at OB Cues have been producing Low Deflection and Ultra Low Deflection shafts that make aiming so much easier since 2006. They now offer the original OB-1, the OB-2, the OB Classic and the OB Pro. The OB-1 delivers a soft and quiet hit with a tip diameter of 12.75 mm. It has a modified pro taper and is a Low Deflection shaft. The OB-2 also delivers the soft quiet hit but with a tip diameter of 11.75 mm and a modified conical taper. This shaft is an Ultra Low Deflection model. The OB Classic gives a firm, crisp hit with a 12.75 mm tip and a modified pro taper. It is a Low Deflection shaft. Finally, the OB Pro also gives the firm and crisp hit but with a tip diameter of 11.75mm tip and a modified conical taper. The OB Pro is an Ultra Low Deflection shaft.

All OB shafts are constructed using 6 stress-relieved segments of laminated hard rock maple. Each segment is machined in a way that cuts away most of the stress that is found in maple that allows these shafts to be built straight and stay straight. For more information on the OB shaft construction please visit them HERE.

All five winners will also receive two AZB patches and five pieces of Sky Blue Master chalk! To be eligible for the giveaway you must be an AZB Gold Member by midnight, April 30. The winners will be announced on the afternoon of May 1.