It’s either Efren or Marlon

Two rounds of the WPA World 8-Ball Championship were conducted on Thursday. The quarter-final round saw the field reduced to three Filipinos and one Canadian of Filipino origin. Here are the results:

Marlon Manalo (PHI) d. Michael Schmidt (GER) 10-5
Alex Pagulayan (CAN) d. Radoslaw Babica (POL) 10-3
Francisco Bustamante (PHI) d. Niels Feijen (NED) 10-3
Efren Reyes (PHI) d. Marcus Chamat (SWE) 10-5

This result meant that Alex Pagulayan was only one match away from the chance of becoming undisputed Champion of the World in both 9-Ball and 8-Ball! It looked as if he might pull this feat off as in his next match against Manalo he led 8-5 before things came apart. As it happened, he would have to settle for third place. Results of the semi-final rounds:

Efren Reyes (PHI) d. Francisco Bustamante (PHI) 10-4
Marlon Manalo (PHI) d. Alex Pagulayan (CAN) 10-8

This sets up the showdown tonight between Manalo and Reyes. We will post the winner here after the show is over and we will then know the new champion. More results and all details are available online at