JAB CUES Bar Box Tour

In an ongoing endeavor to promote excellence in the billiard arts, of the areas surrounding Philly, Big Heads Town & Country and JAB Cues have launched the second season of their 8/9-ball Bar Box Tour. On Saturday (11/20/04), at 11 am, some of the best sticks on the east coast began to converge on Big Heads. This event features three, open tables, red circle cue balls. Big Heads is located at the strip mall on the corner of County Line and Centennial roads, in Warminster, Penna. At $25, entry is relatively accessible to both the rich, local talent as well as road warriors short on cheese.

In the past, Big Heads has hosted numerous 9-ball tournaments which entertained fields of either a dozen to more than 32 competitors. In order to maintain interest in these events, there has been a 100% pay-out to those placing among the top finishers. Moreover, options to Calcutta have been available for both participants as well as spectators.

The first, of this series 9-ball Bar Box Tour, sported a field of only eleven contenders. Each one made his appearance in a steady stream of entries, beginning practice for the shootout. The atmosphere was fiercely competitive, yet gentlemanly in conduct. The structure was double-elimination, races to five, under the Texas Express rules. The top three finishers were: Alan Waldo, Nick Sanutti, and Al Alimonti at third. Al Alimonti took Nick in the third elimination round on the winners' side (5-3). Alan Waldo beat Al Altimonti (5-0). After that, Nick had to beat Steve Elkins (5-1) and Willie Beramandi (5-1) to play Al Alimonti again (this time on the one-loss side) and he won that round (5-0). Since Waldo remained undefeated on the winners' side, Sanutti had to beat Waldo in the next two, consecutive matches to dethrone the king. Al Waldo dispatched Nick Sanutti to win the event. On Saturday, December 11, Big Heads will host their 8-ball event. The next scheduled 9-ball Bar Box event will be Sunday, 1/09/05.

1st Alan Waldo
2nd Nick Sanutti
3rd Al Altimonti
4th Willie Beramandi
5th - 6th Billy Daniels / Steve Elkins
7th - 8th Larry Kelly / Ray Ihnatiuk