James Hanshew Announces Limited Line Of Signature Jump Cues.

While there is no question that all US pool fans want to support Team USA on their way to hopefully a victory at the Mosconi Cup next month, very few fans are willing to go to the extreme that cue maker James Hanshew is going. 
Hanshew is working with Oscar Dominguez, Billy Thorpe, Dennis Hatch and Skyler Woodward to produce a limited edition “signature”  jump cue for each player, with a share of proceeds from each cue sold going to the player. Each cue will be adorned with an American flag Punisher emblem, as well as the player’s signature on the cue. Cues ordered before December 4th will also include an American Flag Punisher emblem t-shirt. 
Team USA member Oscar Dominguez was more than familiar with the quality of Hanshew’s cues. “It’s kinda unreal” he said. “I’ve been using his cues for years and in my opinion, he makes the best jump cue in the world.”.
Only 100 of each cue will be made, with 50 cues shipping before Christmas and another 50 shipping after Christmas. More information can be found on these cues at www.hanshewcustomcues.com
In addition to the creation of this line of cues, James has also commissioned airbrush artist Von Otto to help create one cue for each player to use at the Mosconi Cup.