Janet Atwell duplicates SEAL Tour victory

It was Deja-Vu for the players on the Southeast Amateur Ladies tour this weekend as they held their fourth stop of the season at Murphy's Brass Rail in Athens, GA.

It was the second straight event where the SEAL tour welcomed Florida player Jeannie Seaver and it was the second straight event where Seaver played and defeated Janet Atwell for the hot seat. Last month, Seaver defeated Atwell 7-4 and this month, it was Seaver 7-3.

Atwell took the trip the trip to the one-loss side where she met up with Lisa Marr, the same player she faced in that position last month. Atwell again duplicated her win last month and eliminated Marr 7-5 to set up the rematch with Seaver in the finals.

As if that wasn't enough coincidence, last month it was Atwell defeating Seaver 9-6 in the single elimination final match and this month it was Atwell defeating Seaver 9-3 in the finals for her second straight tour victory.

Atwell collected $415 for first while Seaver settled for $329. Marr and Kim Whitman filled out the top four positions.

The SEAL Tour will be at Mr. Cue's Billiards in Atlanta, GA on March 15th - 16th for their next event.

Top 12 Payouts: 1st Janet Atwell $415
2nd Jeannie Seaver $329
3rd Lisa Marr $254
4th Kim Whitman $193
5th/6th Courtney Lessl, Betty Sessions $147
7th/8th Margo Yoder, Lil Bunch $110
9th/12th Tracie Majors, Jackie Corley, Cindy Hall, Emily Wilmoth $77