Japan Cup Final Eight

Syuji Nagata shoots while Mika Immonen can only watch

Day three of the Japan Cup is complete and the field is down to 8 players.

At the end of play, the brackets were redrawn and the following race to 11, alternate break, matches will take place on day four:
Ralf Souquet vs. Kiyoshi Suzuki
Thorsten Hohmann vs. Francisco Bustamante
Syuji Nagata vs. Charlie Williams
Efren Reyes vs. Jeong Young Hwa

To earn his spot in the final eight, Syuji Nagata dodged a bullet to beat former World Champion Mika Immonen. At 9-9, Immonen scratched on a 9-ball to give Nagata a 10-9 lead. In the following rack, Nagata was forced to play safe on the 7-ball but Immonen was unable to hit the ball and Nagata won the final game.

More information can be found on the official website for the Japan Cup at http://www.ibcjapancup.com/

Photo courtesy of www.onthehill.jp