Jasmin Ouschan snatches another title

Gerda Hofstatter and Jasmin Ouschan

Friday, April 01, 2011: Jasmin Ouschan is the 2011 EPBF European Champion in the Women's 9-Ball division.

Jasmin took a quick 3:1 lead over Gerda. She opened the next rack with a powerful break, but had no position on the 2-ball. Undeterred, she decided to simply bank it in and run the rack for a 4-1 lead, making the game look easy. “We have seen everything already so far – bank shots, combinations, kick shots… she just seems to never miss” comments the official commentator of the LiveStream matches Marco Takis.

Then Gerda played a good break shot and ran the balls until she got out of line on the 6-ball. She left a safety for Jasmin who failed in her just shot attempt. Gerda ran the remaining balls and got closer, making the score 2:4. Another break and run followed from Jasmin to go to 5:2. Then it was Gerda's break shot. Two balls went down but there was no shot on the 1-ball. Gerda played a push out, leaving a combination shot for Jasmin. Jasmin pocketed the combination shot dead centre and ran the rack, making the score 6:2. That put her on the hill with her own break shot to come up. She pocketed the 1-ball in the side pocket but got no position on the 2-ball. She let Gerda get to the table again after missing the 2-ball. Gerda had a long shot and she missed, leaving a shot in turn for Jasmin. Jasmin pocketed the 2-ball but then scratched on the 3-ball. Gerda got to the table with ball in hand. She ran some balls and fell straight on the 7-ball. Gerda had no choice other than to try to  cheat the pocket with the 7-ball for shape on the 8-ball. The tables have very tight pockets and they rejected Gerda's 7-ball. Jasmin got to the table and played another combination shot, sinking the 9-ball.

She defended her title from last year in the 9-ball division as well as in straight pool.

In the final match of the wheelchair division 9-ball, Henrik Larsson (SWE) is the 2011 European 9-ball champion. He defeated Jouni Tahti (FIN) 7:6. Before the match, Tahti seemed to be the favoured player. But Larsson has also won 20 titles at European Championships, including 6 Gold and 11 Silver medals. He took a 3:1 and 5:3 lead in the match. Then Tahti got back and tied the score at 5:5. He also managed to win the next rack and was the first player on the hill, leading 6:5 with Larsson to break. Henrik took his chance and did not show any nervousness, running out the rack to tie the score again, this time 6:6 with Tahti to break. After a lot of safety shots it was Henrik Larsson to get the shot at the 9-ball and win the match with 7:6.

Final Standings Women's 9-Ball division:
1. Jasmin Ouschan (AUT)
2. Gerda Hofstaetter (AUT)
3. Anastasia Nechaeva (RUS)
Line Kjoersvik (NOR)
5. Marika Poikkijoki (FIN)
Kamila Khodjaeva (BEL)
Laetitia Dos Santos (FRA)
Viktoria Nagorna (UKR)

Final Standings Wheelchair 9-ball division
1. Henrik Larsson (SWE)
2. Jouni Tahti (FIN)
3. Tony Southern (GBR)
Roy Kimberley (GBR)
5. Daniel Luton (GBR)
Fred Dinsmore (IRL)
Aslum Aboobakar (GBR)
Manfred Gattinger (GER)

Men's Last 32 results:
Ralf Souquet (GER) v Besar Spahiu (ALB) 8:2
Mario He (AUT) v Petri Makkonen (FIN) 8:5
Marcus Chamat (SWE) v Vincent Facquet (FRA) 8:6
Martin Larsen (DEN) v Radoslaw Babica (POL) 7:8
Konstantin Stepanov (RUS) v Ruslan Chinahov (RUS) 8:4
Kevin Becker (GER) v Steffen Wolff (NOR) 8:5
Aki Heiskanen (FIN) v Nikolaos Malai (ALB) 8:4
Serge Das (BEL) v Huidji See (NED) 6:8
Jaroslav Polach (SVK) v Mariusz Skoneczny (POL) 7:8
David Alcaide (ESP) v Goran Mladenovic (SRB) 8:2
Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz (ESP) v Paddy McLoughlin (IRL) 7:8
Denis Grabe (EST) v Manuel Gama (POR) 5:8
Nick van den Berg (NED) v Bahram Lotfy (DEN) 7:8
Henrique Correia (POR) v Niels Feijen (NED) 8:6
Fabio Petroni (ITA) v Scott Higgins (GBR) 8:7
Karol Skowerski (POL) v Stephan Cohen (FRA) 6:8

Men's Last 16:
Ralf Souquet (GER) v Mario He (AUT)
Marcus Chamat (SWE) v Radoslaw Babica (POL)
Konstantin Stepanov (RUS) v Kevin Becker (GER)
Aki Heiskanen (FIN) v Huidji See (NED)
Mariusz Skoneczny (POL) v David Alcaide (ESP)
Paddy McLoughlin (IRL) v Manuel Gama (POR)
Bahram Lotfy (DEN) v Henrique Correia (POR)
Fabio Petroni (ITA) v Stephan Cohen (FRA)

Women's Last 16:
Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) v Silvia Lopez (ESP)
Marika Poikkijoki (FIN) v Line Kjoersvik (NOR)
Sara Iannini (ITA) v Anna Majirina (RUS)
Kynthia Orfanidis (NED) v Anastasia Nechaeva (RUS)
Natalya Seroshtan (RUS) v Eylul Kibaroglu (TUR)
Gerda Hofstaetter (AUT) v Sinem Kokten (TUR)
Katarzyna Wesolowska (POL) v Kamila Khodjaeva (BEL)
Ina Jentschura (GER) v Melissa Rademakers (NED)

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